[Camera opens to a futuristic steampunk-style room with gears and machinery in the background. Schmetterling, the CEO of Game.Im, and Dr. Etherstein, the lead neuroscientist, are sitting in front of a holographic table displaying the game board and components.]

Schmetterling: [Smiling] Welcome, fellow adventurers, to the extraordinary world of Wyrd Journeys! I am Schmetterling, the visionary mind behind this captivating game.

Dr. Etherstein: [Nods] And I am Dr. Etherstein, a pioneer in neuroscience and human consciousness. Together, we are here to take you on an unparalleled journey into the depths of your own mind.

Schmetterling: Wyrd Journeys is not just a game; it’s an exploration of the modern psyche. With the advent of our advanced Virtual Reality technology, we’ve created an immersive experience that will challenge your perceptions, test your abilities, and unlock new dimensions of your consciousness.

Dr. Etherstein: [Passionately] Indeed! Wyrd Journeys’ groundbreaking Archetypes allow players to delve into their subconscious, activate dormant neural pathways, and embrace new experiences like never before. It’s like exploring uncharted territories of your own mind!

Schmetterling: [Enthusiastically] Picture yourself embarking on quests, balancing Archetypes, and gaining remarkable powers. The journey is as thrilling as it is transformative!

Dr. Etherstein: [Excited] And let’s not forget about the Shadow Circuit! Engaging these Shadow Powers adds a delightful element of risk and reward. But be warned, imbalance can lead to Cog Afflictions – a true test of your mental fortitude.

Schmetterling: [Smirking] Of course, a little discomfort leads to immense growth! As the ruler of your destiny, you’ll gain character milestones, shaping your path, and attaining new heights of cognition.

Dr. Etherstein: [Nods] Our Wyrd Assets, will guide you, granting you intuition, cogfluence, and intelligence. Harness their power to unlock your full potential!

Schmetterling: Wyrd Journeys are an odyssey of the mind, and it’s only natural for you to be curious about the risks involved. But fear not, adventurers! Our game is designed with your well-being in mind. The temporary stress is part of the journey’s magic.

Dr. Etherstein: [Assures] Exactly! Remember, the brain is a remarkable organ, capable of incredible adaptation. Wyrd Journeys provide a safe environment for your mind to expand and evolve.

Schmetterling: So, what are you waiting for? Step into the wondrous world of Wyrd Journeys, embrace the unknown, and unlock your true potential!

Dr. Etherstein: [Smiling] We guarantee that you’ll emerge from this adventure with a deeper understanding of yourself and your fellow travelers.

Schmetterling: [Raises an eyebrow] Are you ready to embark on this mind-bending adventure, Dr. Etherstein?

Dr. Etherstein: [Smiles] Count me in, Schmetterling! Let’s lead the way into the uncharted realms of the human mind![Camera pans out as they both get up from the holographic table, preparing to venture into the immersive world of Wyrd Journeys. The screen displays the game logo and the words “Embark on the Journey of a Lifetime.”]


These Wyrd Journeys that Dr Etherstein and Schmetterling were advertising were born in the year 9930 Empire Time and have since become a resounding success, empowering countless individuals with newfound abilities and experiences. With the support of the government, these journeys have captured the hearts and minds of many, creating a movement that thrives to this day.

Present Age

We bring the essence of these Wyrd Journeys to you through this captivating card game. Gather your friends around the table, and embark on a competitive evening of character building and self-discovery.

In this game, each player embodies a unique character, guided by five personality traits: Duty, Cheer, Flow, Vision, and Calm. The optimal wellness levels, represented by the meditating figure on your character board, are key to unlocking your character’s true potential.

Your interactions in the game revolve around fleeting Assets, represented by Intuition, Cogfluence, and Intelligence. The unfolding of your fate depends on Karmic Assets, Order, and Chaos when you roll the dice, while Focus Assets measure your character’s activity.

Embrace the power of Archetype cards, as each character possesses five slots to be filled with these extraordinary cards. Archetypes grant you access to new assets and abilities, reshaping your character’s journey.

Embark on Wyrd Journeys, drawn from the World Decks during the preparation phase. These decks include the intriguing Marketplace and the game-changing Opportunity cards.
But fear not, for you possess PsyTech Powers, allowing you to transcend the limits of the mundane. By using these powers, you may choose to meditate and gain Intuition, balance your traits, activate Archetypes, and even rid yourself of burdensome conditions and Opportunity cards. The choice is yours, and with PsyTech Powers, the possibilities are endless.

At the end of each round, watch out for the game’s end conditions. Will you emerge as the victor, having mastered the art of Wyrd Journeys?

Prepare to delve into the mysteries of your psyche, embrace your character’s uniqueness, and let the captivating Wyrd Journeys unfold before you. Let the adventure begin!


More coming soon